AboutMaintain Records
was a label that specializes in death metal and close-by music styles.

Maintain Records was founded in december 2006.
We know what we do - and we know why.

germany/europe/world: From October 2007 all releases will exclusively be distributed worldwide through Twilight-Distribution and their international partners.
Distributors: Germany – twilight | Austria – NSM | Swiss – NonStop Music | France – Season of Mist | BeNeLux – Displeased | UK – Shellshock | Norway, Denmark – VME | Italy –Andromeda | Japan – Worldchaos | Slovakia – Metalage | USA – Century Media | H‘art Music - rest of the world
download stores: All Maintain Releases are available as digital-download in relevant Online-Stores such as iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, and other ...

Maintain Records is producing, releasing and distributing CDs by our self and also in cooperation with selected bands and other labels.

end in 2010

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