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News January 2010

FOREVER IT SHALL BE - Releasedate 5th March, Tracklist, another new Song
Braunschweig, Germany based deathmetal band Forever It Shall Be will release their new record entitled "Sonic Death Squad" on the 5th of March through Maintain Records / Twilight Distribution. . Friends of some asskickin´ deathmetal should definatly mark this date in their calendars! The band uploaded another brandnew song, which can be heard alongside of the titletrack at the bands myspace page or

01. Hardcover
02. The Art Of Deflection
03. Origin
04. Ancestor´s Scorn [listen]
05. World On Fire
06. Whatever Doesn´t Kill
07. Thunderation
08. Forever It Shall Be
09. Sonic Death Squad [free MP3]
10. Abraxas
11. King Of The Flies
12. Funeral Feast

Release Shows:
05.03. Juz B58, Braunschweig /w Diary About My Nightmares, We Are Wolf and Magna Mortalis.
06.03. Zollhaus, Leer /w Neaera, The Destiny Program and Sore Emetic

=> Forever It Shall Be @ MySpace

News Dezember 2009

FOREVER IT SHALL BE - new album & free MP3 (17.12.09)

killchain FOREVER IT SHALL BE completed the work on their new Album entitled "Sonic Death Squad". After some delay due to health problems of shouter Claus Ulka (ex-Misery Speaks), they finally recorded vocals this november. The successor to their 2007 debut "Reluming The Embers" was once again recorded, produced and mastered in the Rape Of Harmonies Studio. The cover artwork was done by Justin Osbourne for Slasher Design, who already worked for bands like Maroon, Aborted and August Burns Red. The new record will be released by Maintain Records through Twilight Distribution in the first quarter of the coming year and will surprise you with some crushing deathmetal mayhem!

As a small pre-christmas gift and some first preview for the waiting folks, you can now listen & download the titletrack "Sonic Death Squad" as free mp3 on the Maintain Records homepage, the myspace of the band anf on platforms like
=> Forever It Shall Be @ MySpace
=> "Sonic Death Squad" Free MP3 Download

News November 2009

DYING HUMANITY - Video "Sick Desire - Dead Aim" out now! (25.11.09)
Dying Humanity has released their first videoclip these days. Der Song "Sick Desire - Dead Aim" is taken from the current "Fragments of an Incomplete Puzzle" album. The Clip is produced by Robert Vanis with taking some liveshots from the record release show in may 2009 in Annaberg-Buchholz. You can watch the clip on the most popular plattforms and the Bands MySpace profile.
=> Dying Humanity @ myspace
=> Video @ youtube
=> Video @
=> Video @ vimeo

KILLCHAIN - Second Album Release & Free MP3!

killchain The new KILLCHAIN Album will arrive and after an small delay beeing in stores next week! The album which is called "They" will be a brute masterpiece of death metal. With best brutal and old school regards the band has recorded 13 tracks with an playoing time about 41 minutes. As special feature, they hey could convince Trevor Nadir (SADIST) and Dave Kibler (LIVIDITY) to contribute some guest vocals on the album
With "They" the slovaks leave their debut album miles behind, without experiments just to pull out all the stops with goold old death metal.
The "Pretty Face" is available now as an free MP3 download on, and the myspace profile of the band.

=> Killchain @ myspace
=> "Pretty Face" Free MP3 Download

News September 2009

OUTRAGE signs with Maintain Records !
The Austrian Death Metal Maniacs from OUTRAGE, have successfully finished their search for a new label. The Upcoming album "contaminated" will release on Maintain Records in distribution of Twilight very soon. The album is already recorded in the well-known Kohlekeller Studios in Germany, wich promised a great production and a powerful sound. Watch out for further informations The release date is set to 6th november 2009!

=> Outrage @ myspace

News May 2009

DYING HUMANITY: release date + free MP3 !
The Release date of the upcoming Album called "Fragments of An Incomplete Puzzle" from german Death/Thrash Metal Bastards DYING HUMANITY is set on june the 5th. The album will include 13 tracks of finest thrashin' & melodic death metal which will fit the taste of both: the oldschool thrashers and the modern death metal maniacs for sure.
From now on you can get the track "Internal Decay" for free download at the label website and the band & label myspace (and other profiles) Check it out!
The album is recorded at the Fortefortissimo Recordings in Coburg/Germany and is mastered by Alan Douches in U.S..

1. Catch The Puzzles
2. Internal Decay
3. Wor th Of Human Life
4. Sick Desire - Dead Aim
5. Bitch
6. Make Them Forgotten
7. Per version For Defenceless Victims
8. Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle
9. Failing Existence
10. Instinct
11. Vicious Silence
12. A Sleaze And A Shame
13. Annul The Fragments

=> Dying Humanity @ myspace

News February 2009

Thirdmoon: New Line-Up complete!
After several changes and line-up problems during the last year, austrian based melodic death metal act THIRDMOON announces now a new stable line-up. The band is working currently on new album.
wolfgang rothbauer - vocals, guitar
dominik sebastian - guitar
alex hinterberger - guitar
johannes jungreithmeier - drums
philipp eckerstorfer - bass
=> Thirdmoon @ Myspace

September Murder: eCard with new track online!
The debut album of german Death Metal hopefulls SEPTEMBER MURDER will hit the stores next week on february 20th 2009. Now you can visit the brandnew eCard including a new preview track "Slavery Of Heartdisruption" and some detailled album and band informations. Take a look, listen and keep yopur head banging!
=> September Murder eCard
=> September Murder lim. Edition with guitar-pick Order
=> September Murder Myspace Profil
=> Free MP3 Download

News January 2009
September Murder: Release date & free MP3 available (20.01.09)

The Release date of the upcoming Album called "Agony In Flesh" from german Death Metal Maniacs SEPTEMBER MURDER is set on february the 20th. The album will include 8 songs of dathmetal which will fit the taste of US Brutal Death Metal Fans and also the fans of swedish oldschool icons too.
From now on you can get a the titletrack for free download at the label website and the band & label myspace profile. Check it out!
=> September Murder Myspace Profil
=> Free MP3 Download

Dying Humanity - Studio date confirmed
Dying Humanity will hit the Fortefortissimo Studio in Coburg from 13th february - 27th february to record their new album which will be released maybe in may.
=> Dying Humanity @ myspace

September Murder: Line-up Change
September Murder has changed their drummer during the last weeks. Stefan left the band and was replaced by Clemens Frank (also known from bands like Hidden In The Fog, Disilusion)
Here is the official band statement:
"Stefan has left September Murder some weeks ago. After 4 years of good work he has set new priorities for his life and choose this way. We wish him good luck for the future and would say THANKS for a great time together.
Otherwise we are proud to present the new face behind the drumkit: Clemens Frank, also known from Hidden In The Fog and ex-Disilusion will destroy the stages with us in the future like a tornado. We look forward to upcoming show and a good time too.
Cheers SM"

=> September Murder @ Myspace

News December 2008

SEPTEMBER MURDER: New album coming soon! (18.12.08)
German based Death Metal Maniacs SEPTEMBER MURDER has finished the work on their upcoming new album yet. The Follow-up of their lot attentioned EP "After Every Setting Sun" (Autumn 2007) is now in mastered mode by Peter "Pluto" Neuber, which is well-known for his work on albums from War From A Harlots Mouth, Disinter, Avulsed, Born From Pain, Thirdmoon and other .... The Debüt Album of the quarter piece will be titled "Agony In Flesh". The final release date will set very soon. Be sure that the album will hit the stores before spring 2009 via Maintain Records in distribution of Twilight. Be prepared for a great death metal work, that will left their ´forerunner miles behind.
=> September Murder @ MySpace

DYING HUMANITY : Welcome atMaintain Records
Dying Humanity, who caused quite a stir in the media scene with their 2007 on Restrain Records released debut album "Fallen Paradise", have successfully finished their search for a new label. With Maintain Records, an appropriate partner for the band´s next step could be found. They intend to visit the studio already next spring and to release the follower of "Fallen Paradise" within the first half of 2009. With the quintet, the Label is happy to have another promising extreme metal gun on its side. according to first audio previews of the new material, you may expect big things to come!
=> Dying Humanity @ myspace

News November 2008

FOREVER IT SHALL BE - Claus Ulka (ex-Misery Speaks) is new singer (10.11.08)
We are very happy to announce that FOREVER IT SHALL BE found a new shouter! Claus Ulka, ex-shouter of the german deathmetal band “Misery Speaks” officially joined Forever It Shall Be.
In the band words it means: "After a long search we finally found the right guy to bring the band to a new level. His voice fits perfect for the new songmaterial, which is more deathmetal than we´ve ever been. We are going to release a new album in may/june 2009, so be prepared! More details concerning the next record soon.."
=> Forever It Shall Be @ myspace

News May 2008
LEGACY OF HATE - eCard with new track online! (27.05.08)
The long expected fourth longplayer of the austrians LEGACY OF HATE will hit the stores on june 6th 2008. Now you can visit the brandnew eCard including a new preview track "Blindfold Aggression" and some detailled album and band infos.
=> view eCard
=> download "When Chains Are Breaking " MP3

BA'AL - eCard with more album impressions online! (21.05.08)
6th of June comes closer and closer, and also the release date of the BA'AL album "Confuesion Of Tongues ". From now on, you can get with the track "Madness Of The King " more impression of the album through the new eCard. It also includes information the accompanying text of the album and the pre-released track "Rustmonster"
=> view eCard
=> download "Rustmonster" MP3

News April 2008
Legacy Of Hate - new album on june, 6th. Free-MP3 now! (30.04.08)
Finally, its done!. After a few delays, particulate in consequence of the change of vocalist during the recording sessions, the release date of the fourth Legacy Of Hate album is set on 6th of June 2008. Almost five years after the latest release "Seeds Of A Future Bizarre" the "Unmitigated Evil" titled new album of the austrians, will hit the stores via Maintain Records in distribution of Twilight.
The 8 tracks with a running time of more than 40 minutes will include a mixture of their musical roots and also the progress during the last five years.
A fortaste of the upcoming album, you can get with a free MP3 download starting today on the myspace profile of the label, at and the media page on maintain records website. Don't miss it.

=> MP3 download

BA’AL - Release Date & Free MP3 ! (15.04.08)
On june 6th 2008 BA'AL will release their debut album "Confusion Of Tongues" via Maintain Records in distribution of Twilight.
As an fortaste of this infernal death/thrash metal masterpiece, the opener "Rustmonster" is available as free download from today at the label myspace profile, and the media page at maintain records website. Chek it out, it will blow you up!

=> Rustmonster MP3 Download

THIRDMOON - Rock Harz Open Air (14.04.08)
Thirdmoon are confirmed to play at the RockHarz Open air 2008 and sharing the stage with bands like Amon Amarth, Turisas, Haggard, Within Temptation, Atrocity, Crematory and others.
=>  (17.-19. July 2008)

News March 2008
SEPTEMBER MURDER: joins the Maintain Records family (31.03.08)
The German deathmetal hope SEPTEMBER MURDER have inked a deal with Maintain Records. The quartett´s EP “After Every Setting Sun” (November ´07) has drawn the attention of the press from all over Europe – and gained overwhelming positive critics. The band is tipped as one of hell´s hottest flames, hot enough to throw a barbecue among the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Entombed or Suffocation. Germanys “” entitled them “the next big thing in german death metal among Necrophagist” and the magazines came to the conclusion that this band needs to be picked up by a label. Maintain Records now fulfilled this wish and signed the four-piece to release their full length album. The band currently is in writing-mode and is supposed to hit the studio this fall. If you like the EP, be prepared for the things that´ll be unleashed by the end of this year…
=> September Murder @ MySpace

GODHATECODE: eCard with another MP3 song! (25.03.08)
With 4th April, the release date of the GodHateCode album "Aeons" approaches. From now on, you can get with the track "slumbering sickness" more acoustic impression of the album through the new eCard. It also includes information the accompanying text of the album and the pre-released track "crawl down to zero"
=> view eCard
=> download "Crawl Down To Zero " MP3

BA'AL - joins the maintain records family (17.03.08)
Something huge has been concocted! Thuringian's BA'AL, who already caused a sensation with their debut "The Lilith Complex" in 2004, have now found a new home at Maintain Records. In january they already finished the work on their 2nd longplayer in the Rape Of Harmony Studio.
There is no exact release date yet, but keep your eyes and ears open, for BA'AL are bringing you an infernal masterpiece, that will blow you over. The album will be definetely out before this summer and we hope to be able to present to you some accoustic samples within the next weeks. WATCH OUT AND BE PREPARED!

News February 2008 GODHATECODE - Free MP3 & Release Date announced!
On April 4th 2008 GodHateCode will release their debut album "aeons" via Maintain Records.
None less than Pelle Ekegren, being the drummer of COERCION and erstwhile GRAVE, handles the sticks. With Wolfgang Rothbauer (THIRDMOON, IN SLUMBER, EISBLUT) one of the most go-getting and creative personalities in the scene assumes responsibility for the song writing and the guitars.
Armin Schweiger at the mike spreads the grind core affinity of his Band DISTASTE, while with Tana form the Spaniards AVULSED at the bass recently even the Live-Line-Up of GodHateCode had been completed by another international delicacy.
As an fortaste of this masterpiece of brutal death metal, the opener "Crawl Down To Zero" is available a free download from today at the band & label myspace profile and the media page at maintain records website.

News January 2008 THIRDMOON: Sworn Enemy: Heaven - digital Re-Release (20.01.08)
With a cooperation between Maintain Records and the band, we are proud to present the 2004 album "Sworn Enemy: Heaven" as a re-release in digital download stores like iTunes or AmazonMP3 DRM-free and in 256 kb/s quality. Finally the whole backcatalogue of the band is available to purchase in online stores. Enjoy!

LEGACY OF HATE: will finish recording sessions with new singer (07.01.08)
During the records for the fourth album the band had to seperate from their singer Richie. The new man behind the microphone is called Leo ancient member from Estate. His voice bursts with energy and by the way he is a great guy. With him the band will get to finish their fourth album "Unmitigated Evil" coming in spring 2008.

THIRDMOON: new (old) Drummer (04.01.07)
Thirdmoon and drummer Martin Zeller split up in december. Now the band is glad to announce the return of their friend and drummer Johannes Jungreithmeier!! He did a great job on the previous albums "Bloodforsaken" (2000) and "Sworn Enemy: Heaven" (2004). So welcome back Johannes!


News December 2007: GodHateCode sign with Maintain Records (4.12.)
2008 is going to be heavy! We are glad to welcome the mighty Death Metal ordnance GodHateCode in our family. Even though the album "Aeons", whichwill be out in early 2008, is a debut release, the names behind that international heavy-formation are not unknown: behind the drums is no one
else but the Swedish ex-GRAVE/COERCION drummer Pelle Ekegren, moreover are the Austrians Wolfgang Rothbauer (THIRDMOON, IN SLUMBER) and Armin Schweiger (DISTASTE) on board. For a short time, the quartet is completed by Tana (Antonio Carlos Rodriguez Espigares), who is also playing Bass in the Spanish band AVULSED.
With these musicians, the musical concept of the band is quite obvious: "old-school death-metal meets modern and straight in the face brutality!",as described by the band itself.
GodHateCode is by no means a pure studio allstars project, for international ouring is definitely planned for the next year.
By then, and until the release of "Aeons", you can blast your ears away with a first sample of the recording sessions, available on the band´s myspace profile.


News Oktober 2007:
LEGACY OF HATE: new album "Unmitigated Evil" (23.10.07)

coverartwork legacy of hate Due to a few delays during the recording process, the originally for late 2007 scheduled fourth album "Unmitigated Evil" of the Austrian Death Metal band will now appear in February 2008 on Maintain Records. According to first pre-hearsals, Legacy Of Hate is obviously going "back to the roots" in 2007/08, so one can expect an awesome roaring Death Metal release. More details in this regard as well as the exact release date of "Unmitigated Evil" are not yet out.
So, keep your eyes and ears open!

THIRDMOON: eCard & free MP3 download!
With 23rd November, the release date of the new THIRDMOON album "Dimorphic Cynosure" approaches. After more than 4 years of a not always voluntary rest, there is now a first insight available into the new masterpiece. From now on, you can get a first visual and acoustic impression of the new album through the new eCard. It also includes information on the DigiPak and the accompanying text of the album, while being accompanied with excerpts from the songs "Character Of Scars" and "Crawl Of Subspecies".
Furthermore, the complete song "Character Of Scars" is now available as a free download on the Maintain Records website and Myspace profile
=> view eCard
=> download "Character Of Scars" MP3

News September 2007:
Thirdmoon "Dimorphic Cynosure" out 23rd November! (28.09.07)
At last! The release date for the new Thirdmoon album is set! On 23rd November, "Dimorphic Cynosure" will see the light of day. Listeners can expect the most aggressive but also most melancholic Thirdmoon album, as well as lyrically and musically the most emotional release from mastermind Wolfgang Rothbauer.
This concept album will be available as a JewelCase with a running time of 62 minutes at the retail market, and there will also be a limited edition coming as a DigiPak. Beside an exclusive artwork, the DigiPak version will also have 4 bonus tracks. Among them are "Bloodfield", an exclusive Soundtrack for the "elite-marsball" Online-Game (, and three acoustic instrumentals, which originated spontaneously during the recording of the album and are very important to the band since the emotional condition during the time of recording was set to music quite sentimentally, honestly and spontaneously.
The DigiPak will only be available via Twilight-Vertrieb and selected mailorders, and of course through the band itself and the Maintain Record Store.

Maintain Records at Twilight Distribution
Important news: From October 2007, all releases will exclusively be distributed worldwide through Twilight Distribution and their international partners. Both sides agreed on a complete take-over of the backprogram, except for the upcoming records from THIRDMOON and LEGACY OF HATE. As a result, all of the present records from FOREVER IT SHALL BE, KARRAS and KILLCHAIN will be available via Twilight and may be purchased through this distribution channel at the retail market and most notably outside Germany from October this year. The cooperation with the present distribution will phase out.

Label Interview at (08.09.07)
The guys from Amboss Mag have a interview with Kai at their website. german only!
=> Interview

 News Juni 2007:

Maintain Records: ON AIR ! (15.06.07)
check out the new episode (#39) of the amazing Podsafe Metal Pilot Podcast Show!
Support these great fucking guys and add them at myspace.
On Thuesday, June 19, listen the Radioshow "Gegenklänge" on Radio Flora. In Hannover on air at 106.5 MHz and 102.15 MHz (Cabel) or via Online Live Stream. They will feature the second part of Maintain Records Special with supporting our artists. You can also win 2x the current KARRAS & KILLCHAIN album.

THIRDMOON: Details of the upcoming album! (12.06.07)
The new album of the Austrians around mastermind Wolfgang Rotbauer going to be published by Maintain Records this Fall shall be titled "Dimorphic Cynosure". The recording has been completed and the studio is busy with giving the ultimate touch to the mixing of the final production.
Wolfgang himself announces the new Output as follows: "In any case it shall become the most agressive and at the same time the most melancholy Album Thirdmoons, ... textwise and musically my most emotional Album."
To report back in good style and manner after a longer interruption of the Band`s creative activity the Album shall come out in limited number as Digipack. The idea derives from Wolfgang himself being a great fan of Digipacks while intending to combine same with extraordinary art work. The Digi shall reach the normal sales out lets, but shall be available only from the Band directly, from the Label and through selected Mailorders and Distribution Partners. More details in this regard as well as the exact release date of "Dimorphic Cynosure" are not yet out.
So, keep your eyes and ears open!

News April 2007:

New THIRDMOON Album at Maintain Records in this Year`s Fall (24.04.)
We are very happy to announce, that the Austrians, THIRDMOON, gathering around mastermind Wolfgang Rothbauer (In Slumber, Eisblut) have found a new "hatching" location.
The long expected successor of the amazing Album of 2004 "Sworn enemy: heaven" shall materialize via Maintian Records in this Year`s Fall. After this not entirely unforced interval we may expect something really good, no doubt. The first impressions in persuance of the completion of the recordings having taken place in the last couple of weeks promis a small master piece, indeed, bearing the aspiration to close up to the European spear head of melodic Death/Black Metals. The release of the Album is planned for September, so keep your eyes and ears open. With additional and more detailled information hereto, which suggests a sort of "Comeback" of THIRDMOON, we shall come up in the forthcoming weeks.

>> ältere Meldungen

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