the dark lords of pure chaotic modern nordic walking metal







Steffen Eckardt - guitar
Julian Fink - vocals
Peter Hellmund - bass
Stefan Lang - guitar
Matthias Naumann - drums



BA'AL are kicking asses, that´s for sure. Founded in early 2002, the guys from Erfur t played more than 200 live shows all over Europe by now. Being heavily praised even by long-established press institutions like Hammer or RockHard, their fulminant debut release "The Lilith Complex" from 2004 is definitely not entirely blameless in this matter.
After their in 2006 released EP "The Red Dragon", the Thuringians reappear in 2008 with an impressive second full length release called "Confusion Of Tongues", being more than just another milestone in the band´s histor y. Although, with far-fetched comparisons you don´t do justice to a band existing for a couple of years already, one might imagine this musical bastard being the result of Amon Amarth, Bolt Thrower and Bloodbath having an infernal orgy somewhere in the Norwegian woods, where diabolical Death Metal melodies meet vocals from the deepest depths of hell.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in mid January 2008 in the Rape Of Harmonies studios and may be one of the heaviest stuff leaving that l ocati on recently. Uncompromisingly and almost beastly, BA'AL are chasing the gentle listener while mowing ever ything down that thwar ts them. A few years ago, the five-piece´s debut was of the same tenor, so one thing is sure enough: these guys did not slow down!

The Babel Concept (2003) CDep
The Lilith Complex (2004/Circulation Records)
The Red Dragon (2006) CDep
Confusion Of Tongues (2008/Maintain Records)

Confusion Of Tongues
EAN: 4260141 643009

1. The Blackwater Crusade
2. Rustmonster [MP3 Download]
3. Madness Of The King
4. (Heads Deep In The Ass Of The)
     Red Dragon
5. Vespertine Absurdity
6. Endeavor Bafflegab
7. Pink Tank Fantasies
8. Pile Of Debris
9. The Throne Of Nimrod
10. Exodus

street date: 06. Juni 2008
running time: 38:40 min





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