Death Metal as Death Metal can be







Kubo (vocals)
Martin (guitar),
Frenky (guitar),
Tonka (bass),
Gabi (drums)



KILLCHAIN, founded in autumn 2005 in Kosice, Slovakia, delivered with "They" their second long player. Their debut album in 2007, "One More Victim", earned very different feedback within Germany and europe. The half of reactions praised the band and their honest pure death metal style, the other half reviled them for being too old school with no modern worldshaking impulse. But Killchain is in fact a death metal band and they never wanted to be something else.
Concerning this, it is no suprise, that the band follows this path also with their now available second release, doing that much more constantly!

On "They" you can await one brute riffing-thunderstorm after the other, garnished with the genre typical growls and a portion of technical finesse, representing a lot of joy playing music. KILLCHAIN are doing in 2009 what they always have done.. They are playing Death Metal. Death Metal as Death Metal can be. If you except something else or you don't like this kind of sound, you better stop listening and reading now.
After touring through europe during the last years, their standing in the scene has increased. They could convince some well known musicians like Trevor Nadir (SADIST) and Dave Kibler (Lividity) to contribute some guest vocals on the album, which can be enjoyed in tracks like "Erruption-Devotion" and "Bloodstained On My ...".

The album was recorded and produced at Kosice Klakson Studio, and is mixed and mastered by Martin Barla, who is giving this masterpiece a sound, which fits to the point for an death metal album with old school and brutal roots. Everybody that is into this kind of music will enjoy it. Killchain follow their way straightly and "They" is just the logical result of their work. Enjoy!


They (2009 Maintain Records)
One More Victim (2007 Maintain Records)

EAN: 4260141646307

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1. Touch-Ik
2. They
3. Have A Nice Day Your Piece Of Shit
4. Erruption-Devotion
5. Pretty Face [MP3 Download]
6. Not Yet, Maybe Never
7. Every Idea Cost Something
8. Wall Of Buried Souls
9. Rhymes Only
10. Afterparty At The Minefield
11. Bloodstain On My ...
12. Newborn Earth
13. Details Of Madness

VÖ: 27. November 2009
running time: 41 min

guest vocals from Dave Kibler (LIVIDITY) and Trevor Nadir (SADIST)


One More Victim
UPC: 859700153833

Killchain - One More Victim

1. Those Marching To Perish
2. Killing Of Recreation
3. Enter The Rift Of Chaos
4. Condemnation To Kill
5. Destroy Everything
6. Eat My Soul
7. One More Victim
8. Nobody Is Safe, ... [MP3 download]
9. My Hate
10. And Thus It Ends

VÖ: 22.Juni 2007 im Handel
Spielzeit: 24:29 min



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